Big Savings for New Quality – Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned Program

Our city is populated by clear-headed, frugal people whom understand the value of saving money, especially in today’s economy. At the same time, they understand that when it comes to reliability and the safety of friends and family, frugality sometimes has to take a back seat. This has led many to be hesitant to give much thought to the big savings possible with a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Hyundai understands these concerns, it seems, and it shows with their all new certified pre-owned program. 

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New Hyundai Veloster is a Great Buy

There are plenty of reasons why the Hyundai Veloster is a great car to purchase. It has plenty of safety, technology, interior and performance features that make it a standout vehicle in its class.

The Veloster gets about 34 miles per gallon on the highway, which makes it a fuel-efficient vehicle. You can also get cool new gadgets such as a wireless charging station and a built-in eight-inch touchscreen display.  

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Explore the Value of Owning a Hyundai Santa Fe

Three rows of seating with plenty of legroom are some of the reasons why families choose crossover Santa Fe SUVs. You get more interior floor space in the Santa Fe compared to many competitive models. In addition, you have the option of folding one or both rear seats when needing more cargo space. The rear row also provides more legroom compared to the competition.

Many times, owners have their hands full when finished shopping. You then must hassle with dropping your items to open the rear liftgate. However, Hyundai has you covered here too. When carrying the Proximity Key...

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Good Reasons to Buy a Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent is among the most popular compact cars in America. One reason is that you will never need to fumble for your keys to unlock your door or turn the car off. The vehicle's key will communicate with the car itself to perform basic functions when you get close enough to it.

You will also be glad that you bought an Accent because of its rearview camera. The camera comes with guidelines to help you determine where objects such as the curb or other vehicles are while backing up. It can also prevent you from backing into…

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When to Check for Alignment Issues

Have you ever noticed your vehicle veering slightly to one side or another? If you notice that your steering wheel vibrates, and you think that your tires are wearing unevenly, then there's a good chance that your wheels are out of alignment.

Most often, wheels become out of alignment when you drive over a large pothole or run into a curb. So, if you notice any of the above symptoms directly after this happens, that's a good time to have your alignment checked. You can also have it checked whenever you get an oil change. The technician will…

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How Important Is the Radiator for the Engine Cooling System?

The radiator is the main part of the cooling system in your vehicle and has the purpose of keeping the engine coolant fluid at the proper level. The coolant circulates throughout the engine and keeps the engine components from overheating.

Cooling fins inside the radiator cool the fluid as it passes over them. Radiator hoses transport the coolant throughout the engine and need to be strong and durable to withstand the vibrations in the engine. If the radiator or hoses are compromised, then the coolant can become overheated. The engine can even be damaged as a result of these extreme…

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Regular Maintenance to Avoid Costly Repairs on Your Vehicle

You've maybe heard of a gasket, but did you know that your vehicle has many gaskets all over the car? Gaskets are parts of a vehicle that are usually made of steel, copper, or rubber, and they form a bond between various parts of a vehicle, keeping gases and liquids separate from each other. When a gasket wears out, a multitude of problems can occur depending on which gasket is worn out.

When a gasket wears out, one possible result is that motor oil can be mixed with antifreeze, resulting in damage to the catalytic converter. One way that…

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How to Get Precise Results When Testing a Car Battery

Voltage meters are popular tools that help motorists test the energy levels in an automotive battery. Because this device is designed with color-coded wiring that examines the power in a battery by interacting with a display panel, users must take a strategic step to gather precise testing information. If you don't want to deal with engine or electrical problems during important driving situations, you can get proper data very easily while using a voltage meter by considering a few things during each car battery maintenance routine.

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Don’t Forget to Maintain Your Transfer Case

When we think of car maintenance, what usually comes to mind are oil changes, tire rotations, and annual tune-ups. We seldom think of transfer cases, yet transfer cases are what give our vehicles the power they need to navigate through any terrain. Stop in at Annapolis Hyundai and have one of our service technicians take a look at your vehicle.

With so many things already on your schedule, you probably don’t have the time to do your own maintenance. This is particularly true with complex parts like transfer cases. We will inspect your transfer case, replace the fluid if…

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How Much Do You Need to Change Your Differential Oil?

For you to keep your differential in optimum performance, consider buying the recommended differential oil. Since most cars only have a rear differential, their owners can go for the conventional oil. However, if your car has a front differential, there is more to it than just conventional oil.

Since front differentials are built into manual transaxle, it follows that you will need differential oil that sips in better. It is for this reason that full synthetic or synthetic blend oils are recommended for front differentials. On average, you will spend between $55 and $77 for a change...

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