Stop Motion Sickness

We want to enhance your driving experience at Annapolis Hyundai. Today, we'll focus on motion sickness. After all, you cannot enjoy your drives in the Annapolis vicinity if you're also battling nausea. We'll cover prevention and cessation today.

To prevent motion sickness in your car, take measures before you depart. An empty stomach can raise your potential for motion sickness, so avoid driving hungry. Even if you're meeting someone for brunch, eat a banana as you leave your home. Also, a little peppermint or ginger can keep nausea from derailing your day. Likewise, you could opt for an over-the-counter medication.

Sometimes, motion sickness visits us despite our best efforts. To stop it, try an earplug in the ear opposite your dominant hand. Consuming plenty of liquids can help, too. If you're simply nauseous, choose club soda, ginger ale or cola. Should your motion sickness cause you to vomit, consume an electrolyte-rich beverage to combat dehydration.


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