If you've ever been driving down the road when your car malfunctioned, you were probably thankful if you had some reflective triangles to make your vehicle more visible. Having the small things makes all the difference to your safety, and at Annapolis Hyundai, we have a few tips on what to keep in your roadside emergency kit.

In the winter, you should ensure that you have a few items in case you get stuck. A shovel and some sand can help get you the traction and room to get moving if you're stuck on a patch of ice.

You'll also want some jumper cables. Although we usually associate having a dead battery with the wintertime when it gets cold, a battery can die during any season. You could also have problems with your alternator, which charges the battery. In either case, you'll want a set of jumper cables so that someone else can jump your car so that you can get to the mechanic.



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