How Much Do You Need to Change Your Differential Oil?

For you to keep your differential in optimum performance, consider buying the recommended differential oil. Since most cars only have a rear differential, their owners can go for the conventional oil. However, if your car has a front differential, there is more to it than just conventional oil.

Since front differentials are built into manual transaxle, it follows that you will need differential oil that sips in better. It is for this reason that full synthetic or synthetic blend oils are recommended for front differentials. On average, you will spend between $55 and $77 for a change in differential oil. However, the labor cost could go up to $50, which is beside the cost of oil above.

For more information on the best differential oil to use on your car, please consult your owner’s manual. Alternatively, visit our service center at Annapolis Hyundai, and we’ll be happy to sort you out in no time. Get the best differential servicing from our dealership today!

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