The Impressive Handling Of The Hyundai Kona

When searching for a new vehicle, families often place great importance on criteria such as comfort and ride quality. As such, the staff here at Annapolis Hyundai usually recommends that they look into purchasing the new Hyundai Kona. This small SUV offers some of the best handling of any vehicle in its class.

To ensure that the driver and vehicle are always in sync, the Kona offers two different driving modes - Normal and Sport. These options make alterations to settings such as shift mapping and torque distribution to deliver the kind of ride that the driver desires. While Sport mode offers an abundance of acceleration and performance, Normal mode places a much greater emphasis on comfort and fuel economy.

For drivers who want to customize the vehicle even further, the Kona features a Drive Mode Select system. This feature allows the driver to make changes to the vehicle's powertrain responsiveness, steering feel, and transmission to suit their own personal preferences.



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