How Important Is the Radiator for the Engine Cooling System?

The radiator is the main part of the cooling system in your vehicle and has the purpose of keeping the engine coolant fluid at the proper level. The coolant circulates throughout the engine and keeps the engine components from overheating.

Cooling fins inside the radiator cool the fluid as it passes over them. Radiator hoses transport the coolant throughout the engine and need to be strong and durable to withstand the vibrations in the engine. If the radiator or hoses are compromised, then the coolant can become overheated. The engine can even be damaged as a result of these extreme temperatures.

Signs of engine overheating are when the temperature gauges on the dashboard indicate an unsafe level and if steam is being emitted from under the hood. An overheated engine can become damaged quickly, so it is important that your vehicle is serviced as soon as possible if this has occurred. Bring your vehicle into us at Annapolis Hyundai for a complete servicing.



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